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the company currently has 20+ technical patents

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FTH, LLC. (Flying Tigers Hot-Tapping) is primarily engaged in providing pipeline hot tapping and plugging services without shutting down the system or losing product. We also specialize in hot tapping design, manufacturing, and sales of pipeline tapping and plugging products. With safe, quick, and efficient service, we are your hot tapping solution to save time and money!


Hot tapping services are crucial in repairing, servicing, and maintaining pressurized system production lines or any pipeline without shutting down the system. FTH, LLC. utilizes machines and services which safely assist with any range of pipeline and tapping size. Our services specialize in top quality, efficient hot tapping with a proven track record of successful hot tapping projects.

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Plugging services assist with the process of plugging and redirecting pipeline flow to allow for repairing, servicing, and maintaining specific pipeline sections without shutting down the system. FTH, LLC. plugging machines feature our patented plugging technology to allow for safe and effective servicing on any size of pipeline - specifically working alongside our hot tapping machines for the complete service spectrum.

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We work closely with our service teams to provide efficient and top-quality servicing when needed. FTH, LLC. is your solution when a pipeline or pressurized system needs emergency services for repair or reconstruction.

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With our large scope of hot tapping and plugging solutions for both pipelines and pressurized systems, we keep a safety-oriented approach first and foremost and ensure quality, timeliness, and precision throughout all services and projects.

We offer our services to a wealth of industries and sectors, from private contracts to governmental work, and strive to provide constant assistance and support to fulfill any requests for all clients. We are pleased to offer free quotations and are confident in our competitive pricing and range of products. With safe, quick, and efficient service we are your hot tapping solution to save time and money.

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Because of our large range of services and equipment, as well as variables in pipeline parameters and specifications, we highly encourage interested customers to take advantage of our complimentary consultations and quotations. This allows our engineers to fully familiarize themselves with the site, system, and needed scope of services – additionally, it allows us to become better acquainted with you, the customer!


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