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With our guiding principles of “Customer Foremost, Adherence to Standards,
and Top-Quality Leading Technology” we heartily provide quality service for all customers.


About FTH

FTH, LLC is primarily engaged in providing pipeline hot tapping and plugging services without shutting down the system or losing product. We also specialize in hot tapping design, manufacturing, and sales of pipeline tapping and plugging products. Our project case includes safe and secure service with a variety of industries including global oil, petrochemical pipeline, gas pipeline, aviation kerosene pipeline etc.

Focusing on products, research, and development, the company currently has 20+ technical patents. The company created and has been maintaining the record of the world’s largest diameter (104-inch-diameter pipeline) in the field of hot tapping and plugging equipment’s manufacturing and construction. The suspended plugging technology can be used in extra-high pressure pipelines without interruption of service. The company can perform plugging work at operating pressures ranging up to 2,030 psi (140bar).

Please call or email today to speak with a hot tapping specialist. With safe, quick and efficient service we are your hot tapping solution to save time and money. Adhering to the principle of “Customer Foremost, Adherence standard, Quality First and leading Technology”, we heartily provide quality service for all customers.

Our History

Throughout our decades of offering our local customers a reliable source for pipeline and pressurized system services, we’ve had the great fortune to work on a large spectrum of projects. Whether we’ve been enlisted to affect hot tapping or plugging services for gas, water, or specialty pipelines or if our assistance comes solely from supplying machines, products, equipment, and tools, we take into consideration the needs of our customers and work diligently to ensure that satisfaction is always met. We’ve taken the next step and pioneered many techniques, designs, procedures, and patented technology with the goal of providing quality hot tapping or line stopping services as well as their subsequent products and equipment for as long as there is a viable need. Because of this, we are always fully equipped to fulfill a large variety of pipeline projects and requirements and always provide dependable service and machines for all pipeline hot tapping and plugging needs.

Request an Estimate

Because of our large range of services and equipment, as well as variables in pipeline parameters and specifications, we highly encourage interested customers to take advantage of our complimentary consultations and quotations. This allows our engineers to fully familiarize themselves with the site, system, and needed scope of services – additionally, it allows us to become better acquainted with you, the customer!


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